Version 2019:1, applicable from 2019-10-30

When purchasing as a consumer at Dustin Netherlands B.V., you are covered by mandatory consumer law as laid down in the Dutch Civil Code.

Terms of Sale

1. Applicability

Dustin home’s General Terms of Sale – Consumer are applicable from the above-mentioned date and replace all of Dustin home’s earlier published General Terms of Sale. When purchasing as a Business customer the General Terms of Sale – Business shall apply.

2. Product information

The products presented on Dustin home’s website represent Dustin home’s ordinary range of goods. In case of a discrepancy between terms, product information or prices stated on Dustin home’s website and in other publications, the information on the website shall prevail.

General information about the products on Dustin home’s website (including information about a product’s characteristics and function) is provided on the respective product page. Dustin home refers to the product manual, or to each manufacturer for more information. For digital software, Dustin home refers to the product packaging for detailed information about the hardware and software required to use the digital content.

3. Prices and freight

Current prices on products are available on Dustin home’s website, which is updated in real time. The prices are in EUR and include VAT.

Dustin home is entitled to change the prices without prior notification. Between Dustin home and the customer, the agreed price applies unless otherwise specifically agreed.

Cost for freight will be added to all deliveries. The total freight cost is calculated during the check-out process, where the available freight options and costs will show.

More information about freight cost is available here (in Dutch).

4. Terms of payment

By making a purchase from Dustin home’s website, you are aware of and accept that it means a payment liability.

Payment can be made by credit/debit card issued in the Netherlands (EU) or by direct payment through iDEAL.

More information about terms of payment is available here (in Dutch).

5. Order and order confirmation

By making a purchase from Dustin home you accept these General Terms of Sale. By accepting the terms, you undertake to comply with the terms in full and approve the processing of your personal data as described below.

Sales are not made to persons under guardianship or persons under 18 years old.

When submitting an order, an acknowledgement named “Thank you for your order” is sent by e-mail. This acknowledgement constitutes information about the content of the order. In connection with the order being dispatched from Dustin home’s storage, you receive a confirmation of order by e-mail named “Your order is on its way”. Binding agreement between the parties comes into force when the confirmation of order is sent to the customer.

6. Changing/canceling the order

You may change your order free of charge until the package has been dispatched by Dustin home, that is until you receive a confirmation of order. Changes can be made by telephone to the order department on 088-011 82 00, or by e-mail to [email protected]. No changes can be made after your order has been dispatched. Please note that if you pre-pay your order, no changes can be made after the payment has been made.

In addition to clause 8, you may cancel your order free of charge until the shipment is available for collection at your post office/ service point. A cancellation must be notified to Dustin home by e-mail to [email protected]. If the order has been dispatched by Dustin home, you can, however, be charged for the cost of uncollected packages and any other costs that Dustin home had due to the cancellation.

7. Delivery

An order of a product that is in stock and is received before 16:00 a workday, are generally dispatched the same day.

Delivery time stated for 1-2 days in the web shop means that Dustin home normally can ship the goods within 2 days of ordering. Stock status “Order item” means that the product may have a longer delivery time. If a delivery is delayed, Dustin home will notify you of this by sending a message to the e-mail address you have provided. Information is also provided about the new delivery time. You have the right to cancel the purchase free of charge if you do not accept the new proposed delivery time, by contacting Dustin home on 088-011 82 00.

Your order is delivered to your home address or the nearest service point if the package weighs less than 20 kg. Packages weighing between 20-35 kg are left at a post terminal or a haulage contractor. Pallet or goods weighing over 35 kg are left at a heavy goods terminal.

Please note that goods cannot be picked up at Dustin home. Orders with Dustin home can also not be sub-delivered. Some delivery services are only available for certain postcodes. The delivery options that are available for your particular order are shown during check-out.

If the package is to be collected, you will receive a notification with information about where and when the package will be available. Dustin home bears the risk for the goods until the goods are delivered to you.

Delivery can only be made within the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver goods to the Caribbean parts of the Netherlands.

Uncollected packages are charged a fee to cover Dustin home’s costs for freight and administration. Please note that if you regret your purchase and wish to return the goods, you first need to collect the goods and then return it according to these terms.

More information about delivery is available here.

8. Withdrawal of order

When making a purchase from Dustin home, you as a consumer, are entitled to withdraw from a purchase (“the right of withdrawal”) in some cases, in the manner stated in article 6:230o of the Dutch Civil Code. This means that you have the right to withdraw from the contract by submitting or sending a notice thereof to Dustin home within 14 days from the day you took physical possession of the goods (“the withdrawal period”). The right of withdrawal shall not apply to a contract that relate to a sealed audio or video recording or a sealed computer software where the seal has been broken. Seal also refers to technical sealing (e.g. serial number).

If you want to use the right of withdrawal, you as a customer shall contact Dustin home, preferable via My Account/ Order history on Dustin home’s website and there create an errand for obtaining a return number. The purpose of the return number is to facilitate identification and administration of the repurchase.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, you should send the goods back to Dustin home within 14 days from the date on which the notice of withdrawal was submitted or sent to Dustin home.

The amount you have paid for the goods, including the original cost for freight, will be repaid no later than 14 days from the date on which Dustin home received the notice of withdrawal, provided that Dustin home within that time has received the goods, or a receipt proving that the goods were sent back. The refund can be made in another way than in the way the payment was made.

You have the right to examine the goods to the extent required to determine the product’s characteristics or function. However, you may be obliged to reimburse Dustin home for diminished value of the goods, if the goods were used or handled to a greater extent than necessary in order to ascertain its characteristics or function. Such a price reduction may amount to the total price of the goods.

9. Right to return the order

For goods from Dustin home’s ordinary range, Dustin home accepts return for full refund of the amount you paid, for up to 60 days after the invoice date. In order to exercise the right to return the goods, it cannot be opened, used or destroyed.

10. Complaint

Upon receipt of the delivery, you should check the products to make sure that they are free of defects, work properly and possess the expected characteristics.

To have a right to claim that a product is defective, you shall make a complaint to Dustin home within reasonable time from when the defect was discovered or should have been discovered.

In case of a complaint, you shall contact Dustin home, preferably via My Account/Order history on Dustin home’s website and create an errand for obtaining a return number. The purpose of the return number is to facilitate identification and administration of the repurchase. Please note that receiving a return number does not mean that Dustin home has approved the complaint. The product shall thereafter be returned. The return number is valid for 14 days during which time the product should be Dustin home at hand.

When the product has been returned and the complaint has been approved, Dustin home will compensate you by rectifying the defect, by delivering substitute goods or repaying the purchase price (including any other costs). Refunding will be made as soon possible and not later than 14 days after Dustin home has received the product from you and found that you have the right to complain.

Dustin home reserves the right to make a control of the product, in accordance with the fault description you have stated, why it is important that it is as detailed as possible. If the product is shown not to be defective, you will be debited a charge for the testing and freight, to cover Dustin home’s costs for the return.

11. Returns

Returned goods (due to the use of the right of withdrawal, a complaint or the right to return) shall be returned in the original packing or in another acceptable packing, and well packed (for example a brown corrugated paper carton). Goods delivered on a pallet (LCD TV, Plasma TV and the like) must, if returned, be loaded onto a pallet to avoid damage to the goods during transport. Transport damages due to a faulty packing are debited you as customer.

When a return is made with an address card sent by Dustin home (which is obtained upon contact with Dustin home regarding the right of withdrawal), Dustin home bears the risk for the goods from the time you leave it on the mail.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the right to return or the right to complaint you are responsible for the cost of the return and you are liable for loss or damage to the product until it’s Dustin home at hand. However, if the complaint is approved, you will receive compensation for the freight cost.

Returns are sent to the following address:

Dustin Netherlands B.V.
Attention: Return Department
Antwoordnummer 2012
3900 XB Veenendaal

More information about returns is available here (in Dutch).

12. Transportation damages

It is important that you upon receipt of the delivery, check that the delivered products are undamaged. If your package is damaged, ask the carrier to make a note of the damage or refuse to receive it due to the damage. A transportation damage shall be reported as soon as possible to Dustin home on 088-011 82 00. A transport damage that is not discovered until you have opened the package shall be complained of as soon as possible to Dustin home, in the way described above.

13. Warranty

The warranty period differs between different products, which is specified in the product information for each product. Warranty cases are handled differently depending on the nature of the goods. In some cases, warranty cases are handled by the manufacturer or by this authorized workshop. In other cases, warranty cases are handled by Dustin home directly. Please contact us for information on the warranty procedure relating to the product you are interested in before purchasing, if you are unsure.

Dustin home gives no further warranties in excess of respective manufacturer’s specified warranty terms.

14. Liability

Dustin home’s liability due to defects in goods, delays or damages is limited to what is stated in these General Terms of Sale and the Dutch Civil Code. Additional rights for you as customer may be given by the respective manufacturer´s own warranties directed to the final customer.

Dustin home is not, under any circumstances, liable for consequential damages (such as production loss or missing profit) or other damages due to impossibility or difficulty to use computers or information. In addition, Dustin home is not liable for loss of data or loss of profit in connection with the use of information or software available on Dustin home's website.

15. Technical support

For technical support and user support, Dustin home has the right to refer you to the respective product manufacturer and, if applicable, to the third business party’s payment support. Phone number to respective manufacturer/supplier is shown on Dustin home’s website under Customer Service/Contact/Who do I contact. Please note that the support can be in English for some manufacturers and that in some cases support is only given via e-mail or websites. Dustin home cannot provide support for products.

16. Customer account

Login information (username and password) to customer accounts on Dustin home’s website shall be handled so that the information does not come to unauthorized persons´ knowledge. By giving your login information to somebody else you thereby confirm that such person owns the right to place orders in your name and that you are liable for payment of such orders. If you suspect that someone has unauthorized access to your login information, it falls upon you to immediately notify Dustin home thereupon and to change your password.

The complete terms and conditions for an account on Dustin home’s website are set out in the Terms and conditions for Dustin account (in Dutch).

17. Personal data

Information on how we process your personal data are set out in Dustin's Privacy Policy (in Dutch).

18. Special terms for software

All software that is accessible to collect from Dustin home’s website is copyright-protected work from the respective manufacturer. Upon purchase of software, you as a customer do not receive any other right to this than what follows from the special terms / license agreements included in the software.

19. Intellectual property rights

The content on Dustin home’s website is owned by Dustin home or its licenser. The information is protected by marketing law and laws regarding protection of intellectual property rights, which mean that trademark, firm name, product name, pictures and graphic, design, layout etc. are not to be copied or in any other way used without Dustin home´s prior written consent.

Printouts or other copying of material is allowed for own, private, non-commercial use. It is forbidden to copy, save or in any other way reproduce, process, change, transmit, transfer, in other ways utilize or exploit material or parts thereof without Dustin home´s prior written consent.

20. Links to third party websites

Links on Dustin home’s website enables visitors to leave Dustin home’s website. The linked websites are not controlled by Dustin home and Dustin home carries no responsibility what so ever for the content on such websites or the content in the links on such websites. Dustin home provides these links only to facilitate the finding of the websites and the providing of a link does not mean an approval from Dustin home of the website in question.

21. Disputes

The European Commission provides for an online dispute resolution platform, which you can access here:

22. Other

Dustin home is not liable for circumstances beyond Dustin home´s control, such as war like events, riots or revolts, extreme weather conditions, disruptions in public connections, import or export regulations, changes in laws and regulations or in the interpretation thereof, acts of authorities, strike, lockout, blockade or other labor disputes, fire, explosions or other accidents.

Dustin home reserves the right to amend all information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offers, without prior notification to the customer. However, such changes are not applied to already concluded purchase agreements.

Information and prices are provided with reservation for misprints and typing-errors, incorrectness in stated technical specifications, supplier’s price rise and for clearance sale.

The information that is available on Dustin home’s website does not constitute an undertaking of applicability, suitability or warranty other than when directly stated in writing to the customer. Current offers apply while stocks last, if not otherwise stated. Dustin home reserves the right to at any time amend these General Terms of Sale.

23. Consumer complaints

If your Dustin-product is defected, you are always welcome to contact Dustin home’s customer service. You can reach our customer service on telephone number 088-011 82 00, through the chat function on our website or by notification through your customer account. Information on how you file a complaint through your customer account can be found here (in Dutch).

24. Contact us

Dustin Netherlands B.V.
Postal address: Postbus 2625, 3800GD Amersfoort
Visiting address: Standardruiter 8, 3905PW Veenendaal
Dustin home's customer service number: 088-011 82 00
E-mail: [email protected]
Registration number: 060 889 74
VAT number: NL807448461B01